Get even MORE discount on your chicken! (exclusive to Jeffreys Bay clients)

Subscribe to get DISCOUNTED rates on already cheap frozen chicken cuts and receive…

At least

Check this price comparison table to see your savings on chicken!

How it works

It’s simple.

We invoice you on the 25th of each month, and if you pay before the first of the next month, you get your discounted chicken WITH free delivery.


If you fail to make payment on time, you forfeit your free delivery. You still get your chicken at discount, but delivery is on you. (You can always collect at our place.)

Delivery information

We deliver to your doorstep twice a month (on Saturdays) at NO COST.

Payment options

You can pay via debit order, EFT or cash. (EFT delivery subject to proof of payment.)

Package size

For our subscription option, you must agree to purchase a minimum of 4 kgs of chicken per month. (As mentioned above, delivered in two batches on Saturdays.)

Custom packages

We’re happy to supply your custom needs, provided it meets the subscription package minimum requirements. Please contact us to discuss your demands.

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